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pc蛋蛋幸运28预测 www.2mrug.cn As one of the leading interactive entertainment companies, SEGA cultivates creative talent worldwide with offices in America, Japan and our European HQ in London. Our acclaimed UK based studios include Sports Interactive and The Creative Assembly who are responsible for award-winning titles and iconic franchises such as Football Manager?, Aliens?, and the Total War? series. Hardlight, the newest UK studio in the SEGA family, are the talented team behind Sonic the Hedgehog?'s latest adventures on mobile platforms Sonic Jump? and Sonic Dash?. SEGA's much loved blue hedgehog mascot is a true global brand crossing over from video games into toys, stationary, apparel and much more.

SEGA is growing and has recently completed an acquisition of Canada based Relic Entertainment Studio, famed for high quality strategy games including “Warhammer 40k Dawn of War” and the “Company of Heroes” series. We are determined to set new standards in interactive entertainment and are excited by the opportunity of welcoming such a talented development studio into the SEGA family.


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